Automatic Wire Straightening Cutteing Machine

Model : CYA-107B
  • Straightener Machine CYA-107B
Straightener Machine CYA-107B
  • Cutting length can be custom-made for min. length S30m/m, max. length within 12M. (Super-length is controlled by electric preset for high performance and easy operation.)
  • New patented hydrauli c cutting and feeding, and the speed can be adjusted.
  • Cutting part adopts hydraulic cutting device.
  • Cutting body adopts movable slide seat equipment (Linear type slide rail)
  • Feed part adopts DISCO adjustable motor speed is for free adjustment.
  • High stability, suitable for forging, auto lathe, rod material, screw, spindle, steel, brass, iron, and metals etc. stainless steel wire material.
  • Flat cutting, low error rate.
  • Wire appearance is not damaged to keep a beautiful outlook.
  • Adopts CE standard electrical engineering control system, high safety, low malfunction rate, good function, and productivity is increased.
  • Low consumption of roller, and not wearing on straightener.

Had obtained the newest type 4 patents and creation registered (No counterfeit is allowed, otherwise a lawsuit punishment will be raised.)

Type CYA-107B
LENGTH OF STRINGS 80~3000(m/m)
FEEDING 5HP 12~72M/Min
WEIGHT N.W3000kg. G.W3250kg
PACKING DIMENSIONS 320(L)×200(W)×170(H)cm