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B Type Wire Straightening Machines

Chong Yu is a wire straightening machines manufacturer who supplies a wide selection of full-automatic wire straightening cutting machines. Chong Yu always stands for customers, cares about your demand, and insists on providing good quality machines to you.

B type steel wire straightening machine can be customized with minimum cutting length. The min length S30m/m, and the max length within 12M. In addition, super-length is controlled by an electric preset for high performance and easy operation. For further information, please refers to the features below or feel free to contact us for more details.

Steel Wire Straightening Machine Features:

  1. Cutting part adopts hydraulic cutting device.
  2. Cutting body adopts movable slide seat equipment (Linear type slide rail)
  3. Feed part adopts DISCO adjustable motor speed is for free adjustment.
  4. High stability, suitable for forging, auto lathe, rod material, screw, spindle, steel, brass, iron, and metals etc. stainless steel wire material.
  5. Flat cutting, low error rate.
  6. Wire appearance is not damaged to keep a beautiful outlook.
  7. Adopts CE standard electrical engineering control system, high safety, low malfunction rate, good  function, and productivity is increased.
  8. Low consumption of roller, and not wearing on wire straightening machine.
  • Wire Straightener Machine CYA-100B


    Full Automatic Wire Straightening Cutting Machine

  • CYA-101B Full Automatic Wire Straightening Cutting Machine


    Full AutomaticWire Straightening Cutting Machines

  • Wire Straightener Machines CYA-102B


    Automatic Wire Straightening Machines

  • CYA-103B Wire Straightener Cutter


    Wire Straightening Cutting Machines

  • CYA-103BL


    Wire Straightening Cutting Machines

  • CYA-104B Wire Straightening Cutting Machinery


    Wire Straightening Cutting Machinery

  • Wire Straighteners CYA-105B


    Automatic Wire Straightener Cutter

  • CYA-106B Full Automatic Wire Straightening Cutter


    Full Automatic Wire Straightening Cutter

  • Straightener Machine CYA-107B


    Automatic Wire Straightening Cutteing Machine

  • Straightener Machines CYA-108B


    Wire Straightening Machine